Vintage Zuni Sun Face Bolo Tie


Item Number: DR 1345
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Unknown and unsigned
Medium: Silver, mother of pearl, jet, turquoise, coral
Age: Circa 1970s
Dimensions: 2 ½” diameter & 39” in length



The artist has created a beautiful Sun Face using perfectly cut and placed pieces of jet, mother of pearl, coral and turquoise. It has been set as a bolo tie and has handmade sterling silver tips at each end.

The Sun Face is an important symbol for the Zuni as it represents the sun–the giver of all life. Traditionally, the Zuni have been an agricultural people and knowledge of the sun and its movements is of utmost importance. The sun is revered as the bringer of life and brings prosperity and joy to families.

Condition: Excellent – original condition
Provenance: Acquired from the family of a private collector in Oklahoma

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Weight 3 oz