Alvin Yellowhorse Inlaid Pendant


Item Number: DR 1354
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Alvin Yellowhorse
Medium: Sterling silver, lapis, mother of pearl, spiny oyster, turquoise, jet and sugalite
Age: Circa 1980s
Dimensions: 4” X 2” including bail weight: 76 grams



This piece began as a bolo and somewhere was turned into a pin. I have added a bail and had it made into a magnificent pendant for easy wearing. It will look marvelous on a sterling liver slide or chain, or on strand of heishi. This pendant is a geometric wonder filled with precisely inlaid pieces of stone, gems and shells. There is one very tiny silver inlaid dot in the middle of a piece of spiny oyster almost in the center.

Alvin has mastered the techniques of cutting the small turquoise & other colorful stones into precise little pieces in which he assembles into intricate designs inspired by his early  ancestors.

Condition: Excellent – this piece was originally a bolo tie, but it has been converted into a pendant by Dayton Simmons of Silver Day Trading in Santa Fe.
Provenance: Acquired from a collector in New Mexico.

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Weight 9 oz