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Concho Link Belt


Item Number: DR 187
Tribal Affiliation: Unknown, possibly Navajo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Silver
Age: 1990s
Dimensions: 44″ in length with each concho 2 1/2″ long connected by 1/2″ silver circle links and weighs 222 grams


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The traditional concho belt is well documented and consists of nine or ten 3- to 4-inch silver domed pieces mounted on a leather belt and embellished by a buckle.  This creation has had a 150-year successful rein for the Navajo’s own use and as an item to barter or sell.

What is less documented is a smaller belt often called a “link belt.”  It generally consists of silver discs linked together in chain style.  There is almost no documentation on when or where this item developed.  It is quite likely it is a creation of the famous Fred Harvey Company as an item for sale to tourists—an item less expensive and faster to produce that standard traditional concho belts.

This belt is similar to those sold by Fred Harvey in the 1920-1950s.  The conchos are oval in shape with sculpted edges and stamping around the perimeter.  There are 15 conchos in all.  Round stamped silver discs are linked to each concho.  The buckle, also oval, is the same size as the individual conchos.  It, too, has stamped designs around its edges. Belts of this style are popular because they can be laced into pant belt loops or worn in the style of concho belts draped over one’s hips allowing some of the conchos to dangle from the belt.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Acquired from a New Mexico estate sale

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Weight 8 oz