Matsaki Design Bowl


Item Number: DR 2054
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo/ Hopi
Artists: Tim Edaakie and Bobby Silas
Age: 2015
Medium: Clay and pigment
Dimensions: 3” X 8”


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The symbols on this low bowl are essentially geometric Matsaki designs from 1475-1680 CE. The buff background slip evolved during this time period due to influences from Hopi pottery making. The symbols and figures represent several commonly used on pottery of this period, such as the red fringe with feather caps; feathers without separation and unknown figures (the circle with a dot and line).

The artistry of this magnificent low bowl is enhanced by the replication of ancient prehistoric Zuni designs and symbols. This is exactly what the pottery pair of Tim Edaakie and Bobby Silas bring to their new pottery. They have studied the pottery sherds for inspiration as they collaborate using only traditional materials and methods.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from Tim and Bobby during Santa Fe Indian Market
Recommended Reading: The Pueblo of Zuni Pottery by Landon and Harlow

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