Historic Flower Design Jar


Item Number: DR 206
Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo
Artists: Unknown
Medium: Clay
Age: Unknown–attributed to 1910
Dimensions: 6″ x 5″


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This black on black jar, although quite old and mended when purchased, demonstrates how the quality of pottery making for tourists has evolved. It is hand coiled and polished with a flower and leaf design. Still on the bottom of the jar is the price ticket.  It was purchased in 1936 for 65 cents.

My great-grandmother said she purchased this from the “Oldest House in the USA,” or La Tiendita del Barrio is located across from the country’s oldest church, San Miguel Mission, in what may be Santa Fe’s oldest neighborhood, the Barrio de Analco.

The small adobe structure known as the Oldest House rests on part of the foundation of an ancient Indian Pueblo dating from around 1200 CE. This pueblo was once inhabited by a tribe from the Tano speaking tribes of the northern part of the territory. Sometime around 1435 CE, this tribe abandoned their village, moving on to other sites farther south in search of water, better fields or hunting grounds.

Condition: Fair – it was mended over 75 years ago and has had no other repairs.
Provenance: Maintained in the same family since originally purchased in 1936 by my great-grandmother during a trip to New Mexico.

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