Tomasita Montoya Carved Red Ware Bowl


Item Number: DR 2073
Pueblo: San Juan Ohkey Owingeh Pueblo
Artist: Tomasita Montoya
Medium: Clay and pigment
Age: Circa 1960s
Dimensions: 4” X 5”



Hand-coiled polished polychrome red ware pottery

This is a wonderful example of the San Juan Revival style done by one of the style’s early practitioners. This piece has rain clouds around the rim of the bowl with curved leaves and a plant stalk on all four sides. The raised sections are done in two colors of slip. The rim and the lower section of the bowl are highly polished by hand, while the deep carving in the middle section is of a matte finish.

Tomasita was one of seven potters who, under the leadership of Regina Cata in the 1930s, created the incised style that dominated Ohkay Owingeh pottery for the rest of the 20th century. The first pieces took linear designs from prehistoric incised pottery found near the Pueblo, but potters branched out soon after. This is a typical San Juan Revival piece made after World War II—a carved matte band at the mid-body of a polished red piece. The design is carved and painted in the main body zone.

The gallery is delighted to have pieces of Tomasita Montoya’s pottery; for without her work, the art of pottery at Ohkay Owingeh might never have made it back.

Condition: Excellent – Original condition with appropriate age wear marks
Provenance: Purchased for the gallery from a private collector.

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Weight 15 oz