Nancy Youngblood Miniature Carved Vase


Item Number: DR 1211
Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo
Artist: Nancy Youngblood
Medium: Clay and slip
Age: 2016
Dimensions: 2” X 1”



This is a fabulously perfect miniature vase by Nancy Youngblood, who is one of the most highly regarded artists in Santa Clara Pueblo pottery today.  While Nancy is known for her swirl melon bowls and craved pottery, she started out her career making miniatures. This classic cylinder shape reflects her early pieces.

It has double water serpents, or Avanyus swirling around the top and bottom. Note how the design changes as the piece is turned. Each aspect emphasizes the precise carving that requires consummate skill and patience. This little vase is pure perfection. Nancy told me it was very difficult to carve due to its size and the details she wanted from the double Avanyus.

Every step of her pottery is done in the traditional manner. Nancy gathers and refines the clay sifting all impurities out. Each piece is very carefully and meticulously coiled and shaped. She says her favorite step is carving because her creativity is challenged. She estimates that the carving hours for one piece may total more than a hundred hours. Polishing is a tedious stage requiring intense concentration, and every piece must be handled with extreme care due to its fragility before being fired. When the pottery is dry, it is fired outside in a box Nancy has designed to minimize extreme weather conditions

Condition: Excellent- original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from Nancy during the pottery class at Jemez Pueblo.

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Weight 5 oz