Erik Fender Gun Metal Finish Jar


Item Number: DR 2120
Pueblo: San Ildefonso Pueblo
Artist: Erik Fender — Than Tsideh (Sun Bird)
Medium: clay and slip
Age: 2017
Dimensions: 8” X 9”



Erik is one of a very few potters who can achieve a consistency of success with a gunmetal finish.

After creating this beautiful piece from the clay around his home, Erik meticulously coils, scrapes, sands and polishes it. When the piece is dry, he selects the ancestral images mixed with some of his own creation to embellish his pottery by carefully painting each one in a thin mixture of the clay and water, known as slip. This beautiful jar has rain clouds around the lower third and other geometric shapes around the concave middle section. Erik has also placed a few dragonflies and stars on the inside of the rim.

Erik is able to manipulate the outdoor firing and a combination of ash, manure and heat to achieve an exceptional metallic appearance on the surface of his pottery.  The risk of breakage during the firing process remains very high. Through careful visual inspection, Erik knows just when the temperature is perfect for achieving the glossy gun metal finish.  The stunning and highly desirable visual results are an important cultural legacy for him.

Condition: Excellent: new original condition
Provenance: Purchased from the artist at The Heard Indian Show in Scottsdale.

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Weight 66 oz