Erik Fender Polychrome Lidded Olla


Item Number: DR 2140
Pueblo: San Ildefonso Pueblo
Artist: Erik Fender – Than Tsideh (Sun Bird)
Medium: Clay and slip
Age: 2017
Dimensions: 11” X 10”



This is Erik’s first polychrome piece, which is reviving the ages old technique of pottery making at San Ildefonso. This spectacular lidded olla is perfectly created from local clay and painted with natural plant based paints. The designs are divided into three sections. The neck area is typical geometric shapes, while the next mid-section is made up of butterflies and clouds. The lower body is a beautiful undulating Avanyu which encircles the entire jar.

Many people associate San Ildefonso pottery with the very popular matte painted black or red ware.  They do not realize traditional San Ildefonso pottery was composed of black on cream ware, black on red ware, which eventually evolved into the polychrome pottery.

Erik is perfecting the almost lost techniques of San Ildefonso stone polished polychrome ware. He has been experimenting with different materials and techniques to reproduce traditional stone polished polychrome ware of old traditional San Ildefonso Pueblo pottery.

After the introduction of matte painted black and red ware, very little polychrome work continued.  Even before matte painted pottery came into the picture, the use of a stone polished cream slip was abandoned in favor of the much easier to use rag polished Cochiti slip.

Erik has a wealth of talent in traditional and innovative techniques. He has received numerous awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market and Eight Northern Pueblo shows.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from Erik at Indian Market in Santa Fe.

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Weight 65 oz