Glendora Fragua Square Corn Maiden Jar


Item Number: DR 2150
Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo
Artist: Glendora Fragua
Medium: Clay, slip, metallic acrylic paints
Age: 2018
Dimensions: 6” X 4”


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This elegant jar from Glendora is all painted, and not incised. It is a stunning black colored vase with wonderful accents illuminating the designs of dragonflies, flowers and corn maidens. The shape is classic- narrow at the bottom and gradually widening to the top with a softly rolled lip. Although hand coiled, like her other pieces, the finishing is new and different. Copper metallic paint creates a wonderful dimension for the dragonflies, and acts as accents for the flowers and dots. Corn Maidens adorn opposite sides of the vase. These are painted with tan slip, metallic copper and other acrylic paints. Each of the maidens is surrounded by flowers and other geometric designs.

As a third generation potter, Glendora Fragua is well known for her intricate Sgraffito designs she carves into the highly polished surface of her hand built pots. The use of metallic acrylic paints incorporated with traditional methods of building pots and polishing with various colors of slip is new and unique.  A member of the Corn Clan, she signs her pieces with a stylized corn stalk.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.
Provenance: Purchased directly from the artist.

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