Wedding Vase


Item Number: DR 234
Pueblo: San Ildefonso Pueblo
Artist: Alfred Aguilar
Medium: Clay and pigment
Dimensions: 8″ x 4″
Age: 2001



This is a lovely traditional black wedding vase with Avanyu water serpent. The wedding vase has come to symbolize the union of not only two people, but two families as represented by the single handle joining the two sides of the vase.

  Indian wedding vases have two openings (drinking spouts) which are connected by a single handle. The two spouts symbolize the two individual lives, and the handle symbolizes the union of these two lives in marriage. Traditional wedding vases are made by the groom’s parents about a week or two before the Christian marriage ceremony. When the vase is complete, the groom, accompanied by his parents and other family members, presents it to the bride at her home and the parents of the couple give them advice for a happy and successful marriage. Indian holy water is then placed in the wedding vase, which is turned and offered to the bride. She drinks from one spout, turns the vessel and offers it to the groom who drinks from the opposite spout. This simple exchange unites the pair as a married couple.

Condition: Fine – except for an almost unnoticeable crack at the top of one lip of the vase, which does not effect the structure and stability of this beautiful piece.
Provenance: Purchased from Alfred Aguilar at San Ildefonzo Pueblo.

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Weight 40 oz