Rita Lewis Storyteller with Four Babies


Item Number: DR 254
Pueblo: Cochiti Pueblo
Artist: Rita Lewis and Ivan Lewis
Medium: Clay and pigment
Dimensions: 6″ x 3 3/4″



In this figurine, there are two children sitting in the arms of the storyteller figure and one clinging to the shoulder and one sitting on a knee.   The storyteller is dressed in traditional clothing with a necklace and bracelets. The two female children also have jewelry on. This is a beautiful storyteller. Rita Lewis always made her storytellers in true traditional fashion, using Cochiti clay, slip, and vegetal paints and firing the pieces outdoors.

In the first decade following the creation of the storyteller figurine by Helen Cordero in 1964, only a very few potters at Cochiti produced the figurines. Rita Lewis was one of those potters, and her storytellers are highly prized by collectors.

Rita Lewis, the daughter of famous potter Ascencion Banada, married Ivan Lewis, son of famous potter Lucy Lewis. They began making bowls and animal figurines around 1971, and storyteller figurines around 1973. Rita continued making storyteller figurines until she passed away in 1991.

Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Maintained in the same private family gallery since originally purchased from Rita and Ivan Lewis, who were close personal friends.

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Weight 25 oz