Robert Michael Weahkee Orthoceras Bear with Bundle


Item Number: DR 3042
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Robert Michael Weahkee
Medium: Orthoceras, turquoise, mother of pearl, coral and heishi
Age: 2016
Dimensions: 3 7/8” X 2 3/8”



This marvelous bear has turquoise eyes and a medicine bundle of a mother of pearl arrowhead on his back for strength and wisdom. The upper portion of his body features a striking orthoceras fossil, which contrasts beautifully with the dark color of the rest of the stone. It is possible to see other fossils in the body of the bear as well.

Orthoceras was an ancient mollusk that lived more than 400 million years ago. These were the earliest recognizable animals and were able to swim and crawl. Orthoceras ranged in size from a few inches to over six feet long. When they died, their shells fell to the ocean floor and after being covered by sediment, were transformed into stone.

Condition: Excellent- new original condition
Provenance: Purchased from the artist at the Heard Show

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Weight 4 oz