Ricky Laahty Love Birds


Item Number: DR 3050
Pueblo:  Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Ricky Laahty
Medium: Turquoise in Rhyolite, mother of pearl and jet
Age: 2016
Dimensions: 1 ¾” X 1 ½”



This pair of love birds sit close together, as love birds will do. They are delicately carved from one piece of Rhyolite with streaks of Royston turquoise running through each side of the carving. Ricky detailed the feathers of each bird from the body to the angle of the wings, as well as their heads and beaks. You will fall in love with these sweet little love birds.

Condition: Excellent – original new condition
Provenance: Purchased from Zuni Mountain Trading Company

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Weight 1 oz