Bob Bell Bronze Sculpture Horse and Rider


Item Number: DR 3080
Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw
Artist: Bob Bell
Medium: Bronze and wood –original
Age: Circa late 1980s
Dimensions: 17” X 19” X 8 ½”


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Original commissioned artwork

This marvelous cowboy on horseback was commissioned by Sandy Tadlock for her husband, Hardy, when he retired from cattle ranching in the Fort Worth, Texas area. She wanted to honor his years of hard work as a successful rancher. She took pictures and sent them to Bob Bell asking him to create a lifelike sculpture of Hardy and his favorite horse, Jesse Bueno.

The result is this fantastically realistic depiction of Hardy riding his horse, Jesse Bueno. The lasso moves; the reins appear as if in motion; and the rider sits effortlessly in the saddle moving with the horse. The minute details are amazing- the fringe on the chaps, the stitching on the shirt, and the cattle brand on the chaps- and all emphasize the fine quality workmanship on this sculpture.

Bell was a natural artist with a gifted and sensitive hand. He created his bronze sculptures with sensitivity and authenticity visually reflecting the essence and form of each creature.   In searching for a better means of expression, Bell found wax to be his true medium, with the ability to capture the details of the Indian culture, wildlife, and the contemporary cowboy. The Lost Wax process allowed him the means to mold lasting representations. He mastered the art of casting his own pieces in bronze, thus gaining a fuller appreciation of the intricacies of the craft – each a complete story with its own humor or pathos- each created with the skill, perfection, and authority of a true professional artist.

Condition: Excellent- original
Provenance: Purchased from Tim Cope, step-son of Hardy Tadlock.

“My stepdad, Hardy Tadlock was in the cattle business his whole life, starting at an early age helping his father run the business from the Fort Worth Stockyards and their 1100 acre ranch in North Fort Worth. When Hardy retired in the late 1980s, my mom had Bob Bell make this statue for him in honor of his years of hard work being a real life cowboy.”

-Tim Cope

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