Alabaster Maiden


Item Number: DR 3100
Tribal Affiliation: Attributed to Hopi
Artist: Hok-Tee
Medium: Pink Alabaster, and shell Heishi
Age: Circa 1980s
Dimensions: 11″ Tall


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Corn is the very symbol of life to the pueblo people. In Zuni mythology, the Corn Maidens brought this gift to the people. This lovely corn maiden is carved from beautiful pink alabaster and set on a sturdy wood base. She is fashioned with a traditional hairstyle of butterfly whorls accented with very tiny shell heishi. This hairstyle indicates that the young woman is single and of a marriageable age. Her central body is rows of larger shell heishi applied to resemble the rows on an ear of corn.  The wooden base is signed on the bottom in pencil, which is fading. She stands tall and proud as a bringer of the corn of life to her people.

Condition: Report: Excellent – original condition
Provenance: original purchase of the collection of Van Poucke family

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Weight 100 oz