Vintage Thunderbird Drum


Item Number: DR 314
Tribal Affiliation: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Wood, rawhide, paper and leather
Age: Circa late 1940s- the early 1950s
Dimensions: 4″ x 13″


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This vintage  drum was probably made for the tourist trade in the late 1940s to the early 1950s..  The wood is hollowed out on each end, and covered with paper that looks like tree bark. Rawhide is laced securely over each end and held tightly with leather laces. There is the a painted decorative motif on one side of a thunderbird and red triangles. It has a nice tonal quality when banged. At one time this vintage drum had feathers tied to the cross sections of the laces

Condition: Good- original condition with the exception of the missing feathers. The thunderbird has appropriate fading through time and there is a discoloration on the rawhide. One of the laces on the side is broken.
Provenance: Acquired from my great-grandmother, who was the original owner.

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