Taos Drum


Item Number: DR 316
Pueblo: Taos
Artist: unknown
Medium: Wood and rawhide
Dimensions: 19″ x 19.5″ x 17.5″
Age: Circa 1990


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This is a large stately drum with wonderful tonal qualities. Large enough to serve as a sculpture or a small table– or to play at a dance ceremony.

People all over the world have listened to the heart beat of the drum. Perhaps no other people have attached a greater significance to the Spirit of the Drum than the Native American. The drum has played an inherent role in the lives of North America for centuries. Prior to battle, they would beat the drum with strength and solidarity. They expressed their deep emotional and spiritual awareness through ceremonial dances accompanied by the pulsating drum. The Native American art of drum making in the Pueblos is an age old tradition. Drum frames are made of cottonwood, aspen, or pine. Drum rawhides are made from cow, deer, elk, or goat hides. Each drum has its own distinctive voice.

Condition: Excellent- original conditiion
Provenance: Purchased from a collector in Arizona.

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