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Hopi Dance Tablita


Item Number: DR 317
Tribal Affiliation: Hopi
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Wood, paint, and leather
Age: Circa early 1980s
Dimensions: 16″ x 17″


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This tablita has an image of  Hahai’i Wuhti / Grandmother Katsina. The tablita is common headdress seen during dances and is made of wood as a tablet, or flat upright plaque of wood. Each headdress is a handmade one-of-a-kind incorporating various Hopi symbols and motifs in a distinctive design. This stunning piece of Hopi culture would look great with other Hopi or Southwest Native American art. The leather straps are still intact, and sits on a display stand.

Native American cultures treat elders with a great deal of respect. Those who have lived longer are looked on as wise souls and indispensable communicators of tribal traditions and customs. For the Hopi, the Grandmother Katsina is among the most cherished, “The Mother of all Katsinam” (a title she shares with Crow Mother).

Grandmother Katsina could be thought of as the Mother Earth of the Hopi people. Her Hopi name is Hahay-i wu-uti, which translates into “pour water woman.” In many paintings and carvings she is shown pouring water out of a gourd from one hand. This represents the pouring of life around the world. In her other hand, the Grandmother Katsina is often holding an ear of corn, a symbol of the nourishment she provides to all beings.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Acquired from my family’s private collection.

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