Woodrow Haney Seminole Flute


Item Number: DR 322
Tribal Affiliation: Seminole
Artist: Woodrow Haney
Medium: Red Cedar and leather
Dimensions: 22″ in length


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Woodrow Haney was Kelly Haney’s father and the inspiration of many of his paintings.

Woodrow Haney’s flutes are works of art and are sought after by collectors. They are carved in various designs, although most of them are carved with a bird symbol, since he is a member of the bird clan. This flute is carved of red cedar and is signed on the bottom.

The American Indian courting flute and its music were once integral parts tribal cultures and served important sociological functions that were connected with courtship, love magic, and entertainment.

Around the turn of the century, the traditional role of the flute began to wane with the advent of social and cultural changes. Although flute music went into a decline, a few flute makers continued the art of making flutes. What was once only played by young men as a means of courtship now is enjoyed by many people at tribal fairs and pow wows, as well as in recordings of traditional music.

A standardized system of measurement did not exist among flute makers. Individual makers had their own personal system of measurement.  Woodrow Haney used the width of his hand and the length of his thumb as indicators for placement of air holes.

Haney earned recognition as a traditional Indian flute player and flute maker, winning awards for his work at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee, and at the Indian Village Market at the Albuquerque State Fair in New Mexico.

His son,artist and Oklahoma Senator, Kelly Haney, featured his father playing the flute in paintings (DR 550 and DR 526). Flute Player honors Woodrow for his musical abilities, for his flute making finesse, and for being a wonderful father.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Acquired from my family’s private collection after it was purchased from Woodrow Haney, a personal friend.

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