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Bob and Carol Bell The Littlest Dancers


Item Number:  DR 338
Artist: Carol Bell with assistance from Bob Bell
Medium: Bronze and wood   Number 4/10
Age: 1981
Dimensions: 12 1/2″ X 8″ X 5″


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There is such movement and action in this bronze; one can almost see the young boys as they prepare to enter a dance competition. The details are so specific on the costumes from the feathers, to the fringe, to the facial expressions on each of the boys.

Carol Bell was a natural artist with a gifted and sensitive hand. She created bronze sculptures with sensitivity and authenticity visually reflecting the essence and form of each creature.   She worked with her husband Bob in searching for a better means of expression through sculpting.  Wax was to be the medium with the ability to capture the best details of the Indian culture, wildlife, and the contemporary cowboy. The Lost Wax process allowed the means to mold lasting representations. Carol and Bob Bell mastered the art of casting their own pieces in bronze, thus gaining a fuller appreciation of the intricacies of the craft – each a complete story with its own humor or pathos- each created with the skill, perfection, and authority of a true professional artist.

Although Carol and Bob authorized 10 copies to be made from this magnificently detailed sculpture, only a very few were cast before his death. Carol never sculpted after her husband died.

Condition: Excellent- original
Provenance: Maintained in the same family since originally purchased from the artist in 1981

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Weight 110 oz