Pueblo Gourd Rattle


Item Number: DR 342
Pueblo: Various
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Gourd, cottonwood and leather
Dimensions: 13″ x 6″ x 4″


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This rattle is made from a gourd and has not been painted.  The wood handle has been carved into a square.  A leather strap has been inserted through a hole drilled into the base of the wood handle.It is made from gourds grown on the reservation which have been dried and hollowed out. A cottonwood carved stick has been inserted for a handle.

The Pueblos use gourd rattles, wooden drums, and rawhide as musical instruments for their ceremonies and dances, which are unique to each tribe and pueblo. Each dance has prescribed roles for the leaders, the singers, the dancers and the spectators. Many dances, preformed usually by men who sing and men and women and boys and girls who dance in line formations or in procession, are held in honor of seasonal change and related duties, such as hunting in the winter, or harvest in autumn. Many dances relate to the bringing of rain, which beings sustenance to all living things. For the Pueblo people, rain is life. The sound of a rattle is associated with the sound of falling rain. The noise can be varies to express the softly falling rain or hard falling rain as in a storm.

Condition: Very good- original condition, although the leather strap is broken
Provenance: Acquired from my family’s private collection.

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