Hopak Tourist Kachina


Item Number: DR 374
Tribal Affiliation: Hopi
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Cottonwood, feathers, yarn and paint
Age: Circa early 1950s
Dimensions: 7″ x 2″


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This kachina was inspired by the Hopi “Hopak” kachina. It is a tourist kachina because it is missing some integral details the Hopi would add for their ceremonies. “Hopak” means “eastern” in Hopi language and is thought to originate from the eastern Pueblos along the Rio Grande. Some people feel that kachina may represent the early Tewa people who moved from the Rio Grande after the great Pueblo revolt to Hopi. A fox skin always hangs from the back of the “Hopak.”

Condition: Very good- although a few feathers are missing
Provenance: Purchased from a gentleman in New Mexico

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