Turquoise Inlaid Picture Frame


Item Number: DR 384
Tribal Affiliation: Sokoki Band of the Abenaki Nation
Artist: Clint Cross
Medium: Wood, natural turquoise and lacquer and paper
Age: 2014
Dimensions: 12″ X 8″


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Carved from a single piece of Myrtle wood and inlaid with gorgeous Burtis Blue natural turquoise, this frame is made to hold a 4 X 6 picture. The burl on the edge of the frame is filled with tiny bits of natural sky blue turquoise.  A special picture deserves a frame this beautiful.

The gorgeous blue turquoise inlaid in this frame comes from the Burtis Blue Mine, also known as the Florence Mine, which is still running today producing beautiful natural turquoise with a soft brown matrix.  Burtis Blue Turquoise comes from the oldest running family owned turquoise mine in the area around Cripple Creek, Colorado. The turquoise produced here is of the highest gem equability and is totally mined by hand. This picture frame is totally hand crafted, receiving a special touch to enhance the beautiful lines of the wood. Clint crushes and grinds – by hand- each of the natural pieces to be inlaid in this gorgeous frame. It is truly a work of art meant to hold a very special picture.

Condition: Excellent – new original condition
Provenance: Purchased directly from the artist.

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