Tohono O’odham Small Bowl


Item Number: DR 414
Tribal Affiliation: Tohono O’odham Papago
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Bear Grass, Yucca and Devil’s Root,
Age: Circa 1930s
Dimensions: 4″ x 1 3/4″



This shallow bowl was probably woven during the early Twentieth century. It has the vintage feel of a finely and tightly woven piece of basketry. The design, made with devil’s claw, provides a wonderful contrast to the off-white yucca background, and is one of the favored decorative patterns in early baskets. This little basket has been sealed to retain liquids. There are no breaks in the weaving.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Inherited from my great-grandmother who puchased it on a trip to New Mexico.
Recommended Reading: Indian Baskets of the Southwest by Clara Lee Tanner and The Papago Indians and Their Basketry by Terry DeWald

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Weight 2 oz