Miniature Honeysuckle Basket


Item Number: DR 417
Tribal affiliation: Cherokee
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Honeysuckle and natural vegetal dyes
Age: 1977
Dimensions: 2″ x 2″


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This tiny basket is a wonderful example of a double walled Cherokee honeysuckle basket. There is a light natural dyed banding around the upper portion.

The weaving of a Cherokee basket begins with gathering and preparing materials, a process that sometimes takes longer than the actual basket construction. Every fall basket making materials are gathered. Given its pliable nature, honeysuckle vines must be woven over a rigid framework to give shape to a basket. The Cherokee traditionally weave honeysuckle over white oak ribs. Basket weavers must collect and prepare both the honeysuckle vine and white oak in preparation for making a honeysuckle basket.

Condition: Excellent
Provenance: Purchased in 1977 in Talequah, Oklahoma by a family member

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Weight 1 oz