Adobe Ruins


Item Number: DR 558
Artist: Karl Hoffman
Medium: Photograph – signed
Age: 2013
Dimensions: 17 1/4″ X 23 1/4″ framed


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This is a striking photograph of an abanded adobe dwelling. It is captured in black and white which creates a nice contrast between the light and the shadows as they  play thoughout the building. The close up of the adobe bricks enhances the rough structure of the mud and straw composition. The grain of the boards shoring up the doorways emphazies the strength of the wood helping to hold this old structure upright. As you gaze through the doors, you cannot help but wonder who loved here…

“Mr. Hoffman’s art has become internationally recognizable for its simplistic ability to capture the moment that is a reflection of our lives, but many times passes without notice.”

This beautiful art work is protected with Museum Glass, an anti-reflection picture framing glass with conservation grade UV protection.  With its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer. It is the best glazing option available for art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes.

The matting on this picture is an acid free matte(s) for long term protection and to enhance the picture. Acid free mattes provide 75-100 years of protection against matte burn and brown marks which can decrease the value of a painting. The matting colors were selected to draw the eye into the picture complementing the artist’s selected brush work or towards a particular key element of the piece.

Condition: Excellent – new
Provenance: Purchased from the artist in his studio at Tubac, Arizona

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Weight 75 oz