David Dawangyumptewa Elements of the Earth


Item Number: DR 586
Tribal Affiliation: Hopi
Artist: David Dawangyumptewa
Medium: Color Lithograph Artist Proof
Age: 1991
Dimensions: 31 ½” X 25 ½” Framed and double matted      35/75 Artist Proof


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David’s unique style is reflective of his Hopi background and Water Clan affiliation. His beautiful works are abstract variations on traditional water symbols… frogs, dragonflies, and turtles. In Elements of the Earth, the earthen tones are contrasted against a sapphire sky and bejeweled water life images. Wrapped in her blanket, a young maiden is surrounded by many design elements of the earth, water and sky.

“Wrapped in her star blanket, this young maiden is among many design elements of the earth. The two-toned green skyband is over powered by all of the birds of the sky. Selected golden breath-bodies whisper words of wisdom as they radiate out of the depths of knowledge. Periwinkle moisture dew drops rise to the sky.

Do not make the waters angry as the consequences are threatening. Winds of change are at hand and the fires will consume the earth.”  David Dawangyumptewa

An Artist Proofs are the first proofs of a print and are produced in very limited quantities. These are created to verify the color, clarity, and quality of the print. Artist Proofs belong to the artist and are generally sold for a higher premium.

Condition: Excellent original condition
Provenance: Purchased from a private collector from Missouri who knows the artist.

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