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Ganado Red by Freda Reed


Item Number: DR 603
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Pueblo
Artist: Freda Reed
Medium: wool and natural dyes
Dimensions: 37″ x 28″ weft: 44 warp: 8
Age: 2013



This is a beautifully woven Ganado wool rug with vibrant colors of red cream and black with a touch of natural grey.

The Ganado style Navajo rug generally consists of one stepped diamond shaped center medallion or two connected stepped diamonds. Stepped and embellished triangles in each corner make up the  pattern, all surrounded by a geometric border. The colors consist of red, grey, ivory, black, and sometimes brown.

Condition: Excellent- still has original tag
Provenance: Purchased at the Pueblo Cultural Center, who purchased it from the artist.

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Weight 35 oz