Navajo Saddle Blanket


Item Number: DR 638
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Wool and dyes
Age: late 1930s – late 1940s
Dimensions: 31” X 50” weft: 20 warp: 7



Double saddle blankets are folded over to provide extra padding between the horse and the saddle, making the ride more comfortable for both the horse and the rider.

This is a vintage hand spun wool double saddle blanket with a modified water bug motif in each corner. This design is unusual. The water bug motif is most often found in the storm pattern design. The saddle blanket was woven of nice hand spun Merino and Churro wool. The colors in this blanket are crisp and vibrant and are natural white, brown/black, camel tan, red, and hand carded grey. The selvage cords are in good shape. The wool is variegated between the deep red and grey stripes. It is borderless design with horizontal stripes. The four corners, containing the only designs, have all four original tassels intact. This pattern is reminiscent of the Chinle area.

It’s getting hard to find good old saddle blankets, as most of them were used up and then thrown away. This is a great piece that would make a great house rug and is very stout. Both sides of this rug are pictured above.

Condition: Original condition with appropriate wear and use for the age.
Provenance: Purchased from a private collector.

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Weight 50 oz