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Teec Nos Pos Rug


Item Number: DR 639
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Lula Lameman
Medium: Wool, vegetal, and aniline dyes
Age: 2014
Dimensions: 28” by 43″ weft: 40 warp: 12



This is a beautiful example of a Teec Nos Pos style Navajo rug. It is very tightly woven with soft muted colors in a very busy pattern. It is a beautiful example of the very intricate weaving done in this style from the Teec Nos Pos Trading Post area of Arizona. The weaving was done by Lulu Lameman of Teec Nos Pos, an expert weaver. The weaving has an attached tag with her name and picture from the Trading Post.

A Teec Nos Pos rug is considered to be one of the most intricately detailed of all Navajo rug designs and is unique among all other regional designs. This regional style owes much to the influence of Persian rug designs and the input of early Crystal, New Mexico trader John B. Moore. Persian textiles were widely popular, and he wanted rugs that would sell to the tourists of early New Mexico. Today’s Teec Nos Pos is tightly woven from mostly plied yarns using vegetal, natural, and aniline dyes in colors that range from bright jewel tones to earth tones and even pastels.

These rugs have a distinctive broad border and an elaborate center with smaller complementary design elements. An elaborate center is often enhanced with stylized feathers and arrows. Claw-like, angular hooks extend from the points of diamonds and triangles; zigzags are everywhere. The wide borders of a Teec Nos Pos often contain a lightning path or a saw tooth/comb pattern. Contrasting colors outline many elements, and there are lots of diagonal lines. There is no rule for colors in a Teec Nos Pos, although of course they must harmonize. Teec Nos Pos is a bold, busy, exciting design. Because of their size and complexity, Teec Nos Pos weavings can be very expensive.

Condition: Excellent – original condition
Provenance: Purchased at the Teec Nos Pos Trading Post in Arizona

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Weight 32 oz