Modified Storm Pattern


Item Number: DR 651
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Natural wool and aniline dyes
Age: Circa 1940s
Dimensions: 20” X 32”    warp: 8   weft: 24



This is a nicely woven modified storm pattern table rug.

The storm pattern often is said to have symbolic meaning with a strong central element which represents Navajo Hogan, or possibly the center of the Navajo Universe. The central design is connected by diagonal stepped lines to each corner. The zig-zags are considered to be lighting. This table rug deviates from the normal storm pattern, because it does not have the design elements in each corner that usually represent the four sacred mountains surrounding the Navajo Nation.

The storm pattern’s precise origin is uncertain, but this pattern has developed into one of the most popular and lasting of all Navajo rug patterns

Condition:  Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Purchased from a private collector in Santa Fe

Additional information

Weight 40 oz