Franklin Peters Traditional Parrot Design Olla


Item Number: DR 2181
Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo
Artist: Franklin Peters
Medium: clay, slip, and vegetal paints
Age: 2020
Dimensions: 11” x 13”


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Parrots were first introduced to the people of Acoma by the Spaniards. There are many different versions of the parrot that have been used on Acoma pottery since then. Franklin has chosen to paint an 1880s style parrot on this large olla he learned about during his internship at SAR (School for Advanced Research) in Santa Fe. The parrot represents strength for the people. Each of the birds around the olla are different and have slightly different symbolism.

The dark bodies of the parrots under the rainbows represent bringing life giving rain to the people. The dark triangles under the rainbows signify lightning through the clouds. The triangles with slanted lines represent the rain clouds, while the triangles with dots (eyes) are looking through the clouds.

Orange slip on the lower section symbolizes the morning sun rising, while the orange on the inside the rim of the pot signifies the evening sun set. The entire vessel is a representation of Mother Earth and the importance of rain for life, growth and substance.

Franklin is an incredible artist with great attention to detail, and is known for his very thin walled pottery using traditional Acoma imagery. His work is characterized by vegetal painted colors, and sharp lines.

He begins his clay with old ground up Acoma pottery sherds and grinds them until smooth and pliable. After creating his pottery, Franklin polishes by each piece by hand using small rounded stones.  Yucca paint brushes made by hand are used to paint the natural stand-stone slips on each piece. The Yucca brushes only have 2-3 bristles on each brush which makes them perfect for achieving such fine even lines. The colors of the paints come from natural plants and minerals and grinding them down or steeping them. Bee weed creates a beautiful dark brown black color.

Franklin has stated that the “pottery itself is mother-earth…. designs are about the world around us, which have meaning.” His fabulous pottery is characterized by bold slips and colors with mixes of traditional and contemporary Acoma designs.  Franklin has won numerous awards and recognition during his career, including Santa Fe Indian Market and The Heard Indian Show.

Condition: – Excellent – original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from the artist