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Gerald Pinto Elemental Pot


Item Number: DR 2253
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Gerald Pinto
Medium: clay, copper and turquoise
Age: 2011
Dimensions: 3” by 5”


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“Traditional with a twist” is the way contemporary Navajo pottery, sculptor and graphic artist Gerald A. Pinto explains his art.

Gerald calls this captivating pot “Elemental” because it incorporates four basic elements – earth, fire air and water.  This highly polished pot is set off with 14-gauge copper wires which surround the entire piece. There is a small beautifully matrixed turquoise cabochon set between the rim and the copper wires.

Gerald has been doing pottery for around 28 years, but committed to it full-time after leaving his job with Amtrak in 2003. He credits his family with being his biggest artistic influences and inspirations. He says his mom is a weaver and my dad was a silversmith; they taught me a lot about Navajo designs.

The copper and the turquoise combination is quite recognizable. Gerald’s brown pots which are pit-fired with copper and turquoise are part of his Elemental Series.  By combining Japanese Raku and Navajo techniques, firing with cedar wood, Gerald has become an expert at producing uniquely beautiful carved pottery with gorgeous smoke cloud finishes.

Condition: Excellent – original condition.
Provenance: Acquired from a private collection.