Glendora Fragua Stylized Metallic Fish Vase


Item Number: DR 2222
Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo
Artist: Glendora Fragua
Medium: Clay, slip, and metallic paints
Dimensions: 5 ¼” X 3 ½”


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This elegant jar from Glendora is enhanced with metallic paints of various colors. It is a stunning black colored vase with wonderful accents illuminating the designs of six different types of fish. The shape is classic- narrow at the bottom and gradually widening to the top with a softly rolled lip. Although hand coiled, like her other pieces, the finishing is new and different. Copper, silver and gold metallic paints create a wonderful dimension. The lower section is separated by undulating lines reminiscent of the sea. Here various metallic designs form diamond shapes in rows much like kelp floats and moves in the ocean.

As a third-generation potter, Glendora was taught all the fundamentals of constructing traditional pottery vessels– hand coiling, pinching, and firing outdoors. She continues to use all naturals pigments and slips to construct her masterpieces. She gathers all her clumps of clay and other natural plants and vegetation from within the Jemez Pueblo.

After gathering all of her materials, she breaks down the clumps of clay into a fine powder and hand mixes with water and other natural minerals, and begins construction her vessels using the ancient method of hand coiling and hand pinching the clay.  After the pieces are dry, Glendora sands them carefully to create a soft silky finish.  Often, she hand-carves various designs, such as the fish and geometric symbols on this beautifully iridescent piece.  She fires her pieces outdoors and then applies the metallic paints creating a most unique variation of a traditional vessel.

As a highly respected award-winning artist, Glendora’s pottery is sought after by collectors around the world.  A member of the Corn Clan, she signs her pieces with a stylized corn stalk.

Provenance: Acquired from the artist.
Condition: Excellent – original – new.

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