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Hand drilled NATURAL Green Heishi Necklace


Item Number: DR 1543
Pueblo: Attributed to Kewa Pueblo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: NATURAL green turquoise and sterling silver
Age: heishi beads drilled in the 1960s –restrung for safety in 2020
Dimensions: 27” long



This is just a gorgeous necklace!  Each of the vintage pieces of heishi was hand drilled many years ago. The turquoise is from a Nevada mine, although I do not know which one. The shades of natural green turquoise are stunning and range from a very soft green to a much darker intense shade of green. The heishi pieces nestle snugly aside each other as they move down the necklace increasing in size from 1/8” in diameter to ¼” in diameter.

If you are a fan of gorgeous green turquoise, or are in the mind to wear something just spectacular, this necklace would be perfect for you anytime and anywhere.

Condition: Excellent natural vintage stones have been restrung for strength and safety
Provenance: Originally acquired from a private collector. For safety in wearing, these beautiful heishi stones have been restrung by Dayton Simmons of Silver Day Trading