Jeff Shetima Mother of Pearl Wolf


Item Number: DR 3107
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Jeff Shetima
Medium: Mother of pearl, abalone, and turquoise
Age: 2018
Dimensions: 1 ¼” X 1” X 3”



In the Zuni culture, fetish carvings represent the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone. Traditional shaped carved fetishes are similar to the first ones which were likely found stones that had the rudimentary shape of an animal. Jeff’s carvings skillfully feature the souls and strength of the animals he carves while holding fast to the Zuni traditions of respect and honor.

This is a beautiful mother of pearl wolf with jet eyes and an offering bundle attached on his back. The arrowhead bundle is abalone shell with inlaid turquoise attached with sinew. The use of the mother of pearl for the carving seems to give texture to the coat of the fox – beautiful white fading into a striped brown on the back legs and tail.

The Wolf is respected for its hunting skills and almost human intelligence. The wolf represents loyalty to family and tribe and is viewed as both a teacher and a pathfinder. The wolf’s ability to communicate over long distances make it an appropriate symbol of life’s never-ending journey. The wolf is also part of the directional set and is the guardian of the East. Yuna:wikko’o  is Zuni for wolf.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.
Provenance: Purchased from the artist.

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