Lucy Leuppe McKelvey Horned Toads of the Red Antway Chant Pitcher


Item Number: DR 2249
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Lucy Leuppe McKelvey
Medium: Clay with natural minerals and vegetal paints
Age: 2021
Dimensions:  10” by 9”


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Award winning potter Lucy McKelvey is well known for her very intricate sand painting inspired designs. This large intricately painted pot epitomizes her beautiful pottery.

Lucy first learned to make pottery around 1973 as a college student, working with ceramic clay and firing her pieces in an electric kiln. As she learned more about the history of both Navajo and Hopi-Tewa pottery, she began to use only traditional methods-utilizing only native clays and pigments and firing her pieces in outdoor oak fired kilns. Today, her complex designs, influenced by Navajo sand paintings, are executed in natural pigments made from hematite, bee plant and various clays.

This beautiful pitcher reflects the modified images of the horned toads of the Red Antway Chant, which is part of a Navajo healing ceremony.

“The whole philosophy of Navajo culture is one of beauty and harmony. Everything you see on a pot has come from Mother Earth, from the clay to the paint – everything. The pots don’t look like traditional Navajo pots, because traditional pottery is not needed as much today.  There is always a need for beauty, especially Navajo beauty,” — Lucy Leuppe McKelvey, Navajo.

Condition: Excellent- original condition.
Provenance: Acquired from a private New Mexico collector.


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