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Nila Cook Johnson Natural Blue Gem Turquoise Pendant


Item Number: DR 1552
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Nila Cook Johnson
Medium: Natural Blue Gem turquoise and sterling silver
Age: 2020
Dimensions: pendant: 2 ¾” Bail: 1” total length 3 ¾”   width: 2”



Absolutely breathtaking turquoise!

The pear-shaped single stone is highly polished natural Blue Gem turquoise set in a simple straight bezel. The surrounding sterling silver frame has five sterling silver rain drops at the bottom with scallops and lines emphasizing the perfection of the stone.

This pendant hangs from a large bail accented with three sterling silver rain drops matching the ones on the bottom of the pendant. There are several ways to wear this beautiful pendant for the bail is large enough to use with a necklace of Navajo pearls, a simple slide or collar, or even a scarf.

While the Blue Gem Turquoise mine was very prolific at one time, today it is considered extremely rare, valuable and collectible turquoise. Most of the “finished” Blue Gem turquoise today is in private collections and museums, rarely offered for sale.

The Blue Gem Turquoise Mine was located in the Copper Basin area southwest of Battle Mountain, Nevada. Production of this turquoise mine started about 1934 and continued until the 1970’s. Blue Gem Turquoise is still some of the finest turquoise ever found, and most of the turquoise found there was of gem-quality. The mine no longer exists due to the extensive copper and gold mining operations.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.
Provenance: Acquired from the artist.