Stetson Setalla Hopi Bowl with Nature Designs


Item Number: DR 2241
Pueblo: Hopi
Artist: Stetson Setalla
Medium: Clay and vegetal paints
Age: 2022
Dimensions: 6 ½” X 10”


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This beautiful large bowl has a flat top and a wider mid-section. There are cloud, wind, rain, and lightning designs around the piece.  Stetson says the symbols on his pottery don’t tell a story.  They reflect the colors and elements of Mother Nature. These natural colorations created by the outdoor firing are soft shades of brown and tan.  The shape is reminiscent of historic Sikyatki pottery with the wide shoulder and flat top. The bottom of the piece is fully polished.

All of Stetson’s pottery is made from Mother Earth. The clay is dug up within the grounds of the Hopi Reservation and natural vegetables and minerals are used for colors- with bee-weed (black) and red and brown clay slips.  Since he fires his pottery outdoors with sheep dung, there are slight blushes from the firing.   When Stetson works on his pottery, he clears his mind of all negative thoughts by concentrating and praying to his clay. According to him a clear mind and a good heart are among the essentials to making pottery. Stetson signs his pottery as S. Setalla.

Stetson consistently shows at major competitions and venues throughout the Southwest. His work is also featured at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona; and the Museum of Indian Arts & Cultures in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new.
Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist.

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