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The Art of David K. John


DR Number: DR 711
Authors: Katie and Michael Richarme
Medium: Paperback (41 pages in 8.5″ by 8.5″ format)
Age: Published 2022
Price: $10 (includes free shipping from the Gallery)


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Following the successful online exhibition of David K. John’s work, this companion small book captures the personality of the artist as well as the growth and development of his evocative and emotional acrylic paintings and clay and glass masks. As a Navajo, David grew up in the Four Corners region of the massive Navajo Nation, and learned the culture and ways of living from his grandfather, a Navajo medicine man. His cultural foundation is expressed in his paintings, using both spiritual subject matter with approval of the Navajo elders, plus the natural color palettes found in the American Southwest.

This small paperback book is 8.5″ by 8.5″ and is 41 pages long. It is loaded with photos of David’s work, both those owned by The Gallery and those owned by David. Over the course of the exhibition in 2021, many of these paintings have found new homes around the world. However, David is continuing to develop more works of elegant art.