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Tim Blueflint Ramel #8 Turquoise Ring


Item Number: DR 1360

Tribal Affiliation: Chippewa and Comanche
Artist: Tim Blueflint Ramel
Medium: Sterling silver and natural #8 turquoise
Age: 2018
Dimensions: 1 5/8” X 1 1/8”   Size 9 ¾



Number #8 turquoise is some of the most sought after turquoise. It contains beautiful matrix combined with gorgeous blue turquoise. This ring sports a large natural cabochon that is wonderfully matrixed with soft brown. The sterling silver work surrounding the ring is free form and has designs of raindrops and rain. This shank of the ring is ¼” wide.

Tim Blueflint is internationally recognized for his handcrafted fine art flutes. A self-taught award-winning Native American flute maker, he is now offering a line of jewelry that reflects the same exquisite craftsmanship. His art embodies the long history of his family, his people and his ancestors.

He crafts each piece with respect for the natural beauty of the materials used whether it be wood, precious and semi-precious stones, coral, bronze, silver and gold. Through his art, Tim wants people to feel a connection to tradition and to enhance the vision of cultural identity and pride.


Condition: Very good – original condition – new – there is a slight crack along the bottom quarter of the stone which does not affect the stability.

Provenance: Purchased from the artist