Jolene Bird(1963-Present)
Pueblo: Santo Domingo Kewa Pueblo

Jolene Bird is an accomplished artist who learned her craft from her grandfather. She specializes creating inlaid mosaic works of art. After studying at the prestigious Poeh Institute in Santa Fe, Jolene continues to refine her craft by selecting only the finest raw materials and then cutting, carving and shaping each separate element to create her highly refined jewelry and Aspen bowls. Working with natural materials, Jolene makes her own beads from stone and shells, sizing each piece as she makes her jewelry. Jolene cuts every bead—each a different size and dimension—while at the same time relating to the adjacent beads. This careful detailed application results in some of the finest traditionally designed necklaces and bracelets found in contemporary Native American jewelry.

In addition to creating masterful inlaid items, Jolene is also Director of External Affairs of the Santo Domingo Pueblo and instrumental in setting up the Children of the Pueblo, a non-profit organization created with a mission to positively improve the lives of children and their families.

 She is a regular participant in several juried shows throughout the United States each year, winning numerous awards and ribbons. Her work can be enjoyed at the Smithsonian, the Heard Museum, the Eiteljorg Museum, as well as galleries around the country.