Over the years, I have learned to be very careful when buying Native American works of art. This is not due to the Native American artists themselves, but due to forgers and copiers who take a beautiful work of art, replicate or duplicate it, and try to pass it off as Authentic Native American.

These pages are intended as things to consider when you are about to make a purchase.

I try, whenever possible, to purchase directly from a well-known artist, some one I am fairly certain has used traditional methods of making their art.

Occasionally, I will acquire product from an estate or a private collector, and I incur the risk of a product that doesn’t meet my standards. That product never makes it to the website.

If you can’t deal directly with the artist, find a reputable, well-established, well-regarded gallery that carries the artist’s items.

But always, always be on the lookout for forgeries and copies.


Katie Richarme

The Dancing Rabbit Gallery

established 1980, online only since 2012