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Anthony Skeets Butterfly Ring


Item Number: DR 1496
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Anthony Skeets
Medium: Sterling silver and turquoise
Age: Circa 1980’s
Dimensions:  1 5/8” X 2”  Size 8


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Anthony Skeets is a self-taught Navajo jeweler who works in both traditional and contemporary styles, and likes butterflies! In this stunning butterfly ring, Anthony has captured the beauty of natural turquoise from a Nevada mine. Each of the substantial stones is set in a straight bezel and is surrounded by twisted sterling silver wire. The antennae are made of the same twisted wire with tiny terminal.

The lovely butterfly is in full flight, and spreads across the ring finger over portions of the two adjoining fingers. This is a quite a stunning ring you will enjoy wearing wherever you go!

Condition: Excellent – original condition

Provenance: Acquired from a private collection in Arizona