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Debbie Clashin Hopi Prayer Jar


Item Number: DR 2155
Tribal Affiliation: Hopi
Artist: Debbie Clashin
Medium: Clay, slip and natural pigments
Age: 2019
Dimensions: 13” X 7”


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Debbie Clashin has become one of the exciting leaders in Hopi pottery in the past few years.  She is known for her large-sized traditionally fired vessels.  This large jar has a wide shape and a slightly turned out neck.  The entire piece is stone polished, and then it is painted with bee-weed and natural clay slips. It is 13” wide and 7” tall.

Debbie calls this piece a Hopi Prayer. The design is derived from ancient sikyatki pottery sherds found around one of the mesas of Hopi. According to Debbie, the eagle symbols represent the year for prayer with the kiva steps and splotches representing much needed rain for crops used to feed the Hopi people. Debbie said, “the red color represents the sun providing growth for the corn. The black represents the night, as well as Hopi shrines.”

The painting on the jar is delicate and flowing.  The jar is traditionally fired, which creates beautiful blushes across the surface of the jar.   She signs her pieces “Debbie Clashin” with a pipe hallmark below to represent her Tobacco Clan and the date.

Debbie Clashin has steadily become very much in demand and her work is highly collectible.

Condition: Excellent – original condition- new

Provenance: Purchased from the artist