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NATURAL Castle Dome Turquoise Tab Necklace


Item Number: DR 1118
Artist: John Huntress
Medium: NATURAL turquoise and sterling silver
Age: 2015
Dimensions: 23” in length



Stunningly beautiful and very classy. John Huntress has brought together the right ingredients to produce a gorgeous baby blue natural turquoise tab necklace.  The tabs are graduated in size from an inch to just under a quarter of an inch. Each tab is separated by two hand cut pieces of matching heishi. Each stone in this beautiful necklace has been hand cut and rolled, shaped and strung.

Natural Castle Dome turquoise is not only exquisite; it’s exquisitely rare. This beautiful tab necklace by Anglo bead maker John Huntress is cut from stones he collected decades ago. Only recently did he bring out the collection to fashion this one-of-a-kind piece. These stones will excite your senses and convince you turquoise is one of the most memorable stones on the face of the earth.

The Castle Dome turquoise mine was located about 30 miles from the Sleeping Beauty mine, near Globe, Arizona. The Castle Dome mine has not been in operation since the early 1970s, and the turquoise deposit has been depleted. Castle Dome turquoise is now obtained only from private reserves. The mine area has since been reclaimed –meaning it has been filled in and replanted with native plants and grasses.

Condition: Excellent – original condition- new
Provenance: Purchased from the artist by Silver Day Trading, Dayton Simmons, turquoise expert

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Weight 3 oz