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Tom Hawk Signature Cuff


Item Number: DR 1272
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Tom Hawk
Medium: Sterling silver
Age: 2016
Dimensions: 5 ¾” plus a gap of 1 ¼” total 7” weight 80 grams



5 ¾” plus a gap of 1 ¼” total 7”  weight 80 grams

Description: This gorgeous cuff if the signature design of Tom Hawk and is handmade with sheet silver. It has five highly polished ribs atop a darkened oxidized silver background. The edges are carinated to capture the beauty of the silver. This is simple elegance made with traditional techniques for a contemporary style.

Condition: Excellent – original condition – new
Provenance: Purchased from a gentleman in New Mexico

Additional information

Weight 4 oz