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Jane Baca Black Angel


Item Number: DR 2028
Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo
Artist: Jane Baca and Starr Tafoya
Medium: Clay and pigment
Age: Circa 1980s
Dimensions: 7″ X 5″ X 5″



This is a charming highly polished black ware kneeling angel. She was created by the mother daughter team of Jane and Starr who worked together until Jane’s death in 2011. They specialized in figures made in the traditional manner from clay collected around the pueblo and then fired outside.  This mother daughter team quite often demonstrated their pottery making skills and techniques at a variety of locations, including Mesa Verde National Park. Their pottery is currently showcased around the United States and is quite collectable. Their work was signed as Jane and Starr, Santa Clara Pueblo.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance: Acquired from a private collector in New Mexico

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Weight 30 oz