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Owl Family


Item Number: DR 2041
Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo
Artist: Erma Kalestewa Homer
Medium: Clay and pigment
Age: 2014
Dimensions: set of three owls: 3”x 3 3/4”; 2” X 1 ¼”; 7/8” X ¾”


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This adorable owl family will be your friends and protectors. These little raptors have been made with natural clay and pigments from the mountains around Zuni. These cute little owls are painted using traditional slips and pigments of white, red and black.  The coloration differs on each of the owls, but forms a cohesive color scheme. They have been fired outside in a traditional manure fire. The design of these little owls is credited to Nellie Bica, Erma’s grandmother (deceased).

Some people say the owl is a Zuni storyteller. That idea would seem to be valid since the owl, in Zuni, is believed to be a messenger. The owl is also a symbol of good luck and cautions us to stay alert.

Condition: Excellent – original condition
Provenance: Purchased in Santa Fe

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Weight 10 oz